Q: What are Blue Circle Tickets?
A: Blue Circle tickets refer to the “best seats” comprising about 30% of the total tickets for a performance. They are in general the front rows, but may include some other seats depending on the performance; we try to determine the “best seats” depending on the artists and their pre-concert plans for their performance.

Q: Are there reserved seats?
A: No, but…There is open seating within each of the Blue Circle and the General Admission Sections. You’ll see a few Blue Circle seats marked “reserved for” – these are for guests of the artists, sponsors of the series or individual concerts, our student cover artists and their families. You may also see some “reserved” group seats in the general admission section – these are for school groups and organizations that arrange with us in advance to sit together, usually in groups of twenty or more.

Q: Is there Handicapped Parking/Seating?
A: Yes. There are walkways and ramps from the parking lot to both the main church and the Chapel of La Merced. There is room available in both venues for wheelchairs, walkers and other items. We recommend you calling us in advance for special needs so that we can anticipate and adjust for an otherwise unexpected number of persons with these needs.

Q: Are children welcome?
A: Emphatically, yes. We do ask that children who might have the need to wiggle sit in the special area on the south side of the church. This area is not fully soundproof, so if anyone really needs to talk, we ask that you slip out the south exit where there is a grassy area for wiggling and running until ready to return. Our artists tell us that they are not offended if children want to leave a concert before it is finished. They are thrilled that children can be exposed to beautiful, quality music for any amount of time. For those who can stay, they are welcome to join the artists at the after-concert reception.

Q: What is the reception?
A: After every concert in our Series, we offer beverages (wine for those of age) and light snacks so concert attendees can mingle and discuss the music with each other and with the concert artists. Often, the artists bring CDs to sell; they are happy to autograph them.  The receptions will be at La Merced Chapel, even for the concerts at the main church.  The Chapel will be open for viewing of its major collection of Spanish Colonial Art, which is not generally available to the general public.

Q: What are Saturday Salons?
A: These concerts recreate some of the joys of a Baroque Salon, held in the Baroque La Merced Chapel, surrounded by incredible Spanish Colonial art. There will be fewer attendees; seating will be around tables with wine and desserts; artists will adapt their performances to a more interactive mode. We think these events will be quite special.

Q: How do I get to Corpus Christi and La Merced Chapel?
From Biscayne Boulevard:
Turn West on NE 36th Street
At NW 7th Avenue, turn left.
The location will be on your right.

From I-95 heading South or North:
Take US-195, SR 112 EAST toward Miami Beach.
Immediately take exit on right to N Miami Avenue; turn right at N Miami Avenue.
After about one block, turn right onto NE 36 St; go west to NW 7th Ave.
Turn left on NW 7th Ave. The site will be on your right.

Q: Where do I park?
A: The main parking lot is west of the main church. On concert days, it can be entered directly from NW 7th Avenue, through the driveway located between the main church and the Jehovah’s Witness building at the northeast corner of the block. Walkways and ramps extend from the parking lot to both Corpus Christi Church and La Merced Chapel; call 305-458-0111 in advance, for special arrangements or information.

Q: What do I plug in for Google Maps?
A: For Google Maps and most other GPS, search for the location of Corpus Christi Church, 3220 NW 7th Avenue.

Questions? Call us at 305-458-0111.