We kept live music alive with a full and safe 2020/2021 concert season. Thank you to all our supporters – institutions that provided grant funding, individual donors, very flexible musicians and technicians, audiences who stayed with us and audiences who found us, and our volunteers – who adapted with us to make this happen. Now we continue with a new, live, safe – and incredible series for 2021/2022.

During the past year, we discovered wonderful new possibilities in our Corpus Christi venue – in addition to the main church (where our season’s concert series is scheduled) and at La Merced Chapel, we produced a drive-in concert, and converted the steps and plaza into an amazing outdoor venue. We anticipate that some interesting new ideas will become reality soon.

Volunteers in this endeavor are working hard like Martha-of-Bethany to bring you the Mary-of-Bethany spirit, a community speaking the universal language of beautiful music. We are a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, which enables us to keep our costs to a minimum – world class music at movie ticket prices. We welcome your support – all donations, small or large, are most appreciated. And please let us know if you would like to join our volunteer corps, helping with concert preparation or event day welcoming of our MMC community.

For all events, please buy tickets in advance (this helps our planning immeasurably) online at Eventbrite.com or at the parish office (3220 NW 7 Avenue). Single show tickets are $25 and $15; buy season tickets and get 5 concerts for the price of 4.